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Arrow Miracle Wear - An Anointed Christian BRAND that delivers apparels and accessories; inspired by the secret divine wisdom hidden within the holy inspired scripture in the book of John chapter 3: verse 30; (John 3:30)

Arrow Miracle Wear - The Spiritual Arrow of the LORD's Deliverance;Unleashing Omnipotent Power for the MIND: For anyone Who can BELIEVE for Positive Mindsets; Inspirations that are enriched, enlightened, rooted and grounded in the inspirations of GOD's Wisdom and Power in Jesus Christ the LORD.

Recognizing with a humble believing heart of faith that Fostering Positive Reflections/ & Meditations in the inspirations of GOD is POWERFUL - to cause a Change for Good by the move of GOD's Holy Spirit in revealing the deep secrets of GOD's Knowledge in Christ through the inspired scriptures; And faith applications of the divine wisdom, drawn in the heart of the BELIEVER, as it applies in daily life; developing confidence by faith to know that its very powerful supernatural nature does ignites Miracles, Breakthroughs and bring to manifestations GOD's Blessings to the BELIEVER in Christ.

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