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Gildan Pullover Hoodie -$38.99

Front Print - It is written, "Resist the Devil and HE will Flee From You" - "Casting down all imaginations and every high things that exalts itself against the knowledge of GOD and bringing into captivity every thoughts to the obedience of Jesus Christ"

Maintaining an acute awareness of a sober mind that is always vigilant to shut down every doors of weakness in the Battle Field of the MIND, Casting down and uprooting every contrary thoughts that is against the righteousness of GOD, and aligning the thoughts to the righteousness of CHRIST indwelling within by His Spirit and refreshing the MIND each day in GOD's Word with all diligence of Faith. Feeding and feeding on the Word of GOD in spirit and in truth.

Remember ! GOD through Jesus Christ has given you all the Weapons of Warfare against the accuser - Satan to RESIST Him in your thoughts, by not allowing any negative thoughts, sinful thoughts, hate, etc, not to dominate your thinking process, but rather think on Heavenly Things, Things that pertain to the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness that shall surely empower your MIND the more to RESIST the defeated foe.

Receive your Contact Points in Faith - as we collectively glorify the LORD wearing your garments, as you also minister gracefully to others around you through what you wear.


Sport Grey
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